get connected life groups

We are created to thrive and grow in community. It’s no wonder then that when God rescues us and renews us, he does so by bringing us into a new community—a new family. It is there that we come to know and be known by others. Together, we learn, practice, and grow in what it means to become like Jesus as we become agents of gospel renewal in our city. For us as a church, this is what life groups are all about. 

There are many reasons to join a life group, but here are the top four!

  1. You can connect with others on a similar faith journey and experience a greater sense of community.
  2. You will have people in your life that will pray for you and would be willing to serve and care for you when you need help.
  3. You will have a place where you can share your thoughts, questions, experiences, and doubts regarding your relationship with God and your faith journey.
  4. You will find a place where you can serve people in need and make an impact in the lives of others.

For more information on leaders, dates and times or to contact a leader to join a group, contact the church office at