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Our Five Prayers



The Crafting of the Five Prayers

The Leadership Team worked for a few months to craft the 5 prayers, the foundation being the question: “Lord, what do You want for our church in line with Your will?”

These were prayers that took TIME.

As individuals, we went into a place of stillness before the Lord – a place of rest, a quiet place and asked Him to speak to us.  We took time to study His Word, took time for thanksgiving, and time to bring our hearts into line with what God wanted to do.  We read His Word, and listened to Him through visions, dreams, teachings and personal meditation.

As a group, we brought our prayers together, found the key elements, the common threads, and took those and prayed over them for refinement, always asking the question: “Lord, what do You want for our church in line with Your will?”

The result: the Five Prayers – NOW, as a church, we will take these prayers, believing the Lord has been CENTRE in this process and, over the next year, we are asking that we will all join together, proclaiming what God will do based on our faith in Who He is and our understanding of His will.  We will accept that God will do things in His own time and His own way.  And, as He leads us individually and as a group, we will continue to pray and proclaim with confidence what He has shown us.

With assistance in crafting prayer from Graham Cooke’s book:  Crafted Prayer:  The Joy of Always Getting Your Prayers Answered.


Growing as Disciples - Our Father in Heaven, our prayer is that we would form a culture of discipling at DBBC, distinct from the world in love and holiness as we hunger for spiritual maturity, allowing Christ to be centre in our daily lives. For Your glory, Amen.

The Gospel - Dear Lord, we pray that we would be committed to recognizing the urgency in reaching our family, friends and community with the good news, and we would hunger to see DBBC grow with new believers. May You be exalted. Amen.

Belonging/Teamwork - O God, our prayer is that we would be committed to unified teamwork at DBBC by helping and encouraging each other, joyfully volunteering in ministries, mentoring youth as part of the team, and praying for supportive families to join us on our journey. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Generosity - Lord God, we pray that we would be motivated to sacrifice our time and money to serve others. In Your name, Amen.

Prayer - Heavenly Father, we pray that we would be a praying church, seeking Your will and aligning with it, and coming before You in our daily lives with prayer that is based in humility, honesty, and a thirst for the Word. May You be honoured. Amen.