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Psalm 40

Thank You for hearing my cry.  I wait on You, dear Lord.  You have brought me out of the pit of slime and muck and placed my feet on Your solid rock.  How well I know it!  A new song of praise has been placed on my tongue.  I trust You and pray that, through my life, others will trust You.

I am overwhelmed and humbled by Your wonders and plans for my life.  Open my eyes!  Open my ears to Your will -- that I may be centred in YOU.

Open my mouth to speak about Your salvation, Your righteousness, Your faithfulness, and Your love.  I am weak and so susceptible to sin.  Protect me with Your mercy, love, and faithfulness.  Help me, dear Lord.  I need You!

Protect my thoughts and my actions, my words,  May I rejoice and be glad in You and praise Your greatness.  I am poor and needy -- think of me.  Do not delay to help and deliver me into Your stream of righteousness.  YOU ARE MY GOD.