About Us Our Dream

Our Dream

Our dream for DBBC is that we become a church that talks about Jesus all of the time. He’s our main focus. Not only do we know Him but we know our story and we are eager to share that story with those in our sphere of influence. We don’t need gimmicks to draw people in, we have Jesus. He should be at the center of everything we do and teach.

We also dream that our Church would become a community where all people feel welcome and where real issues can be talked about. We’ve heard too many times in the past , “the last place I wanted to bring my friend was to church, because it’s irrelevant or boring”. Most people attending our church want to find answers to real life issues - how to hold a marriage together, how to keep from going under financially and how to raise good kids.  

We also dream that our Church would be a church of multiplication seeking to advance the gospel through the developing of leaders and the planting of new communities. We desire to impact the Kingdom of God through the establishment of strong, healthy, reproducing churches. Our prayer and heart’s desire is that every person in East Kamloops will hear the gospel and be invited to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is our conviction that the local church is God’s main method of making disciples.  

We can do many things as a church but we believe deeply that our church, Dallas Barnhartvale, has a unique opportunity within our sphere of influence to do few things and do them well and make a significant Kingdom impact in the communities of Dallas, Barnhartvale, Campbell Creek, Juniper and Valleyview. These are the communities we define as East Kamloops!