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Getting To Know Jesus - Prayer Module

Getting to Know Jesus: 4-Week Series on Prayer

It’s hard to trust someone we don’t know well. So let’s get to know Jesus better! In this 4-part series on prayer, we are going to learn and practice how to engage in conversation with Jesus that leads to authentic encounters with him. The goal is that this month will launch you into a lifetime of increasing intimacy with the Lord Jesus.

Come each week with your handout (which will be sent to you weekly), a Bible, a notebook, and a pen. You are encouraged to have a candle to light which will represent the presence of Jesus with us (optional).

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Prayer Module Summary  (4 lessons)


Lesson 1   Getting to Know Jesus: Seeing Jesus With a Human Filter


You have to know someone to be able to trust them, so how can we know Jesus better? In this lesson, we will look at Jesus through the human filter. Jesus was fully God and fully human but when looking at him in the Gospels, we often study and relate to him through his divinity. How does looking at him with a “human filter” help us to know him better?

Together we will look at 3 passages to see Jesus in his humanness. We will discuss together how knowing Jesus in his humanness helps us identify with him and trust him more.


Lesson 2   Getting to Know Jesus: Can I Trust Him?


As we continue to grow our trust in Jesus, we will talk about control. We are so used to being in control of our prayer lives: this is what I will ask for, this is how long I will pray, this is the time of day I will talk to Jesus, I know what needs to be prayed for other people. The reality is that we do not know what God wants. How can we pray in such a way that God is in control and not us?

Also, we will talk about Anxious Prayer vs. Engaged Prayer. There is a time for Anxious Prayer but Engaged Prayer is where we actually spend time with Jesus and learn to trust him.


Lesson 3   Getting to Know Jesus: Encountering Jesus of Nazareth Today


The Jesus of the Gospels lives today. As we read the stories of his time as a human, we can speak to him in real time about those accounts because he lives today and is with us. Certain efforts go into developing deep relationships with important people in our lives. How can we apply those same efforts to our relationship with Jesus?

Why is it that so many people (including our young people) seemingly walk away from their faith? How can we have encounters (not just one encounter) with Jesus that increases our awareness of his love and realness in our lives? Our faithwalk becomes more authentic when we learn the Jesus Way rather than just the Jesus Beliefs.


Lesson 4   Getting to Know Jesus: By Knowing Him, I Know Myself 


How does journeying with Jesus guide us in becoming the humans we were created to be? Iranaeus, a 2nd century Christian theologian, said “the glory of God is man (humans) fully alive.” This lesson will bring things full circle; studying and encountering Jesus as a human being teaches us how to live as humans.

The call of Jesus is not for us to go and do great things for him, it is to companion with him in his work. We will discuss how to be in sync with God as Jesus was in sync with the Father and Spirit while on earth.